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    Divorce is an excruciatingly difficult process. The consequences that emerge from the termination of the legal contract that is marriage are copious. Whether it be the husband, wife, children, or another family member, the process has an immense impact on every party involved. Divorce requires robust, but careful representation from specialized lawyers. These are tough, but sympathetic professionals that will stand by your side at every step. If you live in the Rockville, MD, area, you should look no further than Bours & Lucero, LLC. Their family law specialist, Alicia R. Lucero, is the best divorce lawyer in Maryland.

    One of the main issues that arises from the divorce process is financial concerns. The legal undertaking of ending a marriage often leaves all involved parties in significant debt. Whether it be by alimony, child support, or legal fees, divorce is expensive. Lucero understands how financially exhausting this process can be, and strives to alleviate this stress. She prides herself in the cost effectiveness of her firm’s legal representation and works hard to provide you with a separation as minimally economically taxing as possible.

    Every family is different. Regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or life history, no two households are the same. Taking this heterogeneity to heart, Lucero’s firm strives to provide treatment customized to each distinct case. After taking the time to gain a full understanding of the client’s circumstances, goals, and needs, she meticulously crafts a custom plan perfectly catered to them.

    Divorce is a process that is often fueled by profoundly strong emotions. To understand these impassioned perspectives, Lucero cultivates empathetic relationships with her clients. She feels this connection will help strengthen the aggression in her already strong representation, as well as provide clients with a compassionate ear.

    Clients and their representation being on the same page is paramount for any successful legal case. This essentiality is especially prominent in divorce. Lucero understands such importance and keeps this in mind throughout the entire case. Her firm prides themselves in being upfront and straightforward with their clients. With each step of the divorce process, she will provide an in-depth explanation of what to expect and how to adequately prepare. She wholeheartedly believes that a cornerstone of mutual understanding helps foster a more powerful and prosperous client/lawyer relationship.

    Lucero’s firm comprehends the importance of knowing how to navigate the court system, both literally and figuratively. By providing a complimentary, in-depth preparation guide for your day in court, she hopes to make your legal experience as smooth as possible. Navigation advising does not stop there; Lucero takes an even deeper approach after being hired. She will provide you with detailed advice and consistent updates to help you efficiently traverse the complex citadel that is the circuit court. This guidance extends to the actual case itself; she will provide you with expert advice on how to maneuver through the intricacies of proceedings.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the astounding quality of Bours & Lucero, LLC’s Rockville family lawyer Alicia R. Lucero. If you would like to learn more about her, as well as the rest of her firm, feel free to call (301) 340-7600.

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